power changes everything
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Why are you literally my favorite person on every social media sight ever?

I’m not sure but thank you :)


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I’m still in love with you

"So I will spend the next few months, 
Picking up those pieces that I lost, 
Cause we both said we had enough, 
Cause we fucked up what we called love.”

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ughhhh thank you for being sensible about feminism. like modern feminism is actually a fucking joke and has made so many people who have been feminists since like the 70's turn away from it because of how these idiots act. they claim we need feminism yet what has it done since the year 2000? i'm grateful for all it's done for women in the past, but it is literally nothing like it used to be.


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Feminism in this day and age can lick my ass because the other day I saw a magazine cover saying "Are men winning too many custody battles?" like good job, gainin' all those rights for women
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Ya I hate people who don't take a step back and educate themselves on a topic holistically before writing it off. there's more to feminism than what you've been exposed to but ya know do whatever u want and continue benefitting from what those so-called shitty man hating feminists fought for

I’ll be sure to 

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My boyfriend threatened to hit me today, I've suffered from verbal and mental abuse from him for 2 years and now hearing that he would hit me I don't know what to do. I made him leave my house and he's been texting me wanting to work things out, I feel trapped and I don't know what to do.

Ugh that’s the worst. I’m sorry. Abusive relationships, verbal or physical, are always awful. I’ve never been in your situation, but I know from secondhand experience how hard it is to leave.. my mom was in an abusive relationship with her husband but she loved him and couldn’t leave. And then one day, she stood up for herself and said she was better than that and didn’t deserve to be put down by anyone. It’s sooo hard to let go.. so don’t feel alone. It’s normal to feel trapped. But honestly you deserve waaaay better than some guy who is abusing you. He doesn’t deserve a you and I’m sure you’re a great person. If you wanna come off of anon, we can text or something but I really am here for you.

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Me to myself: nice ass Me also to myself: thanks