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"On the evening of August 25th, 2014, the Chicago Police murdered DeSean Pittman, a black youth living on the southside. DeSean’s mother, Natasha Haul, might not be able to bury her son because the cop that killed him came to his vigil as an on duty officer, and police deliberately provoked the mourners by breaking candles for DeSean’s memorial and tearing down posters commemorating his life. When a fight broke out between DeSean’s friends, family, and loved ones, and the police, five people were arrested, including his mother, and are still being held in Cook County Jail. Natasha is being held on felony charges of aggravated battery of a police officer, and mob action, on a $75,000 bond. Natasha needs to be out in time for her son’s funeral. We need to put up 10 % to get her out, meaning we have 48 hours to raise $7,500. Additionally, DeSean’s family urgently needs financial support to help with paying for DeSean’s funeral. In the wake of an upsurge of national resistance to racist police terror and international attention to the police killings of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and many others, Chicago must show support the families of those murdered by CPD right here at home. The same night the police murdered DeSean, they also killed Roshad Mcintosh, a 19-year-old black resident of Lawndale, on Chicago’s westside. Donate, support the Pittman, Haul and Mcintosh families, spread the word, and resist police violence in our communities!"
Bond Out the Mother of DeSean, a Youth Murdered by CPD, FromJail! (via aboriginalnewswire)
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I've been following you since 2009 and you have changed a lot, not that it's bad- it's actually admirable. I just wanted to say that I noticed your opinions on things change and can't help but think you're opening your mind more, growing, maturing. keep it up!

Ahhh thank you I really appreciate it!!! <3

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Has YouTube paid you from those videos you've made awhile back?


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Why are you literally my favorite person on every social media sight ever?

I’m not sure but thank you :)


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